Proctored Online Quiz Procedures for
Illinois Online Class Registrants

If you register for one or more State of Illinois licensed distance-learning classes, proctored testing is required to administer the state required quizzes to the class registrant. In order to receive credit for these Continuing Education hours and a certificate of completion, you must fulfill your responsibility in arranging and taking each state required proctored quiz.

ALERT! You must submit complete proctoring information to Quality Education Group before the quiz can be administered. See details below. Fee payment for proctoring services, if any, is the responsibility of the registrant.

These quizzes are administered online, and you must determine in advance if your selected facility will be able to successfully open our quizzes. See details below.

1. What is a proctored quiz?

A proctored quiz is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking the quiz. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the quiz process.

2. How do I find a proctor?

Most public libraries and community colleges will provide proctoring services, usually at no cost or for a nominal fee. We recommend simply calling the closest public library to you, tell them you need to do an online proctored quiz that will take about 15 minutes per class and they’ll get it set up. Usually you can pick the time and date of the quiz – we recommend choosing a time during normal business hours since Quality Education Group staff are more likely to be in our office if there are problems or questions when you take the quiz. Because Quality Education Group quizzes are taken “online”, you must make sure the facility you select will provide Internet access and a printer, and make sure in advance that their computer will accept our passwords.

If you absolutely cannot find a suitable proctor, Quality Education Group can provide proctoring services at any of our live class locations – however, there is a nominal fee for this service (please see question #7, below).

Occasionally, some facilities have their computers set at high security settings that defeat cookies and will not allow acceptance of the proctor’s user name and password for each quiz. You can easily avoid this problem by trying to open your online class on the test facility’s computer using the same user name and password that we provided to you (you can try it yourself or give the username and password to the proctor and ask them to try it). If your class works on their computer, the quiz will also work. If their computer will not accept your username and password for your class, they can look into changing their security settings and trying again. They can also call our office for suggestions.

Some facilities charge an hourly rate for computer access which is your responsibility.

3. What must I do to take a proctored quiz?

First, you must complete your online class work and email the class completion code(s) to us. After completion of your class, you will need to notify Quality Education Group of your complete proctoring arrangements, including:

  • Name and address of proctoring facility
  • Name of proctor
  • Contact information for the proctor (phone number & email)
  • Time and date of the quiz.

We usually email the usernames and passwords for each quiz to the proctor about two business days before the scheduled quiz date. Therefore, it is imperative that we have both a contact name and an email for the proctor. We know from experience that sending the passwords any earlier often results in lost passwords and delays.

We strongly recommend that you check with the proctor the day before your test date to be sure they have received the passwords.

4. What if I’m taking more than one class?

You can take all of your required quizzes at one time – just be sure to allow yourself about 15 minutes per quiz, and be sure to advise the proctor when making the arrangements of how many quizzes you will be taking and the approximate time needed.

5. What happens when I arrive to take the quiz?

The proctor will get you set up at a computer and open the quiz. They will have received the access passwords from Quality Education Group in advance for each quiz that you will be taking. Upon successfully completing a quiz, you must print out the quiz report with your name on it, which you will then turn over to the proctor. The proctor must sign and date each quiz report and forward all quiz reports to our office. If you are taking more than one quiz, you will need to inform the proctor upon completion of a quiz so they may open the next one for you. You will know whether or not you passed the quiz immediately upon completion. If you do not pass a quiz, you may return to the beginning of the quiz to try again or you may make arrangements with the proctor to try again at a later date. You may attempt to pass a quiz up to three times in one session. If you choose to try the quiz again at a later date, you will be responsible for any additional fees, and you will need to notify our office of the new arrangements because the passwords that we send to the proctor will be different.

  • Only the proctor may see the user name and password for each quiz.
  • No printouts of the quiz are to be made at any time.
  • No person other than you and the proctor may view the quiz.
  • All Quality Education Group quizzes required for Illinois Continuing Education are, by state law, closed-book quizzes.
  • The proctor must prepare each quiz report for return by signing and dating it and mailing it to our office immediately after you have completed it.

We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of each quiz report for your records.

Note: Full instructions for return of each quiz report will be supplied by Quality Education Group to the proctor prior to the quiz date. Any costs or fees incurred for mailing the quiz report to Quality Education Group are the responsibility of the student.

6. When do I receive my certificate of completion?

Please allow ample time for the mailing of each quiz report. We generally send certificates via email within 48 hours of receipt of each quiz report in our office. We also recommend that you take each quiz far enough in advance to allow for additional studying and retaking of the quizzes, if necessary.

Note: Quality Education Group, Inc. will assume no liability for the failure of the student to assume these responsibilities. Certificates of completion are sent to the student via email. The date of completion for each class will be shown on the certificate of completion as the date the proctor signed each passing quiz report (at least 70% correct). Do not wait until the last minute before license renewal to complete your quizzes. We will not “back-date” certificates due to your passing a quiz at a time beyond your license expiration date – this is a violation of Illinois law and we value our teaching license.

7. What is the fee for a proctor’s services?

While many public libraries do not charge a fee for proctoring services, some facilities will, and fees vary for the use of a testing facility, computer with internet access and the proctor’s time to receive instructions, monitor the quiz, and return your quiz report. Please be sure to determine if there is a fee, what amount, and when it must be paid. These practices vary among libraries, schools, colleges, universities, and private testing facilities.

NOTE: Fee payment for proctoring services, if any, is the responsibility of the student. If you can’t locate a suitable proctor, Quality Education Group can provide proctoring services at any of our live class locations, but you will incur a $15.00 proctoring fee, payable at the time you arrange your proctoring services with us.

8. What if I can’t find a proctor to handle online quizzes?

Most community colleges and public libraries should be able to work with online quizzes, especially with a little pushing from you (see question #2, above). If you just absolutely cannot find a facility near you that is willing to work with the online quiz format, please contact our office for other quiz arrangements.

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Online Class Quizzes for Illinois Inspectors

Upon successful completion of a quiz, you will be directed to print out a proctored quiz report which must be signed by the proctor and returned by mail to our office.

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